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Friday, May 13, 2011

No Photos Today

I don't have any photos to post today. I tried posting this morning but Blogger wasn't working so am having to post now. Normally this wouldn't be an issue as I have photos on my computer to upload, but Suzy and I are on a road trip and I have my laptop with me.
We have just arrived at possibly the most beautiful town in Maine. It is a small town called Ogunquit and it is quaint, beautiful and by the sea!!! We are going to head out shortly to explore so will post photos when I get back home and can download them. The beach here is apparently one of the ten best beaches in the States. We will give you the Kiwi verdict once we have seen the beach!
Just to tempt you, imagine a picturesque seaside town in an American movie and upscale it. that's what this place is like... BE-U-T-FUL!


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