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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Got a Telling Off!

Not really! But over the weekend we had our ASI team get together. I got to meet the newest member of the team ("Hi Louise!") who is just like the rest of us so we had a ball!
While there we were discussing blogs and on a couple of occasions it was said that people visit my blog to see what I have been up too but it isn't updated. That's my telling off. I have to confess to hearing this before and these people are right... when I visit other people's blogs, I like to see something new. So, I am going to try and post something new every day (Yes I know... what am I getting myself into... but they won't all be my creations!) so when people visit my blog they have a happy experience :)
So here we go, my "first" post...

Since we have a new team member I thought I would show you the cute wee cards fellow team member Sandi made as a welcome to the team gift.
There is a little story behind this gift...
When the ASI team was first created, founding member Linda made a beautiful box with cards in it for the then newest member Sandi ("Hi Sandi!"). It was to welcome her to our team. Sandi always remembered that as as such wanted to do the same for Louise. Isn't that sweet?! I told you I am part of the best team of ladies!!! The sharing and generosity and fellowship never fails to inspire me.
So Sandi made a welcome gift for Louise. I just can't believe I didn't get a photo of the beautiful box they came in though!!! I was busy eating lunch and it slipped my mind. You'll just have to believe me though when I say it was beautiful!
These are some of the cards that were inside. They are so pretty. I have a hard time choosing which one I like the best!
So there we have it, my first blog. Phew!
Opps, one more thing to do... "Hi Carol!" ;)
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


Scrappinbarn said...

Hi Maree, Ok now you have me feeling like I should post everyday. I'll take a picture of the little box those adorable cards came in and post it to my blog. Did I miss the picture of your wedding set? Maybe that could be your post tomorrow.

Carol Matthews said...

I was so happy to pop by and find new stuff! I love the old too and often review it! Your photography is really good!

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