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Thursday, June 21, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Happy Thursday :)
I'm writing that today to remind myself of the day as much as welcoming readers to my post. I keep thinking today is Friday...
Today was the last day of school for elementary schools and in my mind, school always finishes on a Friday! LOL.
Today's post is a look at the wee notecards I made for my DD's teacher. I bought the stamp set 'From Your Teacher' as it comes in French (my DD is in French Immersion) and I thought it would be something useful for her teacher to use. I made the notecards to accompany the set and was feeling pretty good about them until I showed them to my DD. She said "Mum, they're not in French". It hadn't occurred to me at all to have the sentiment in French!!! I quickly rummaged through my stamp stash and managed to find a small "Merci" that I then stamped under the English sentiment... not 100% ideal but a crisis was averted. I like to think of the notecards as bilingual now!
DD wanted to make the card that accompanied the gift and she did a fantastic job!!! Her teacher loves bumble bees and here's what DD came up with... all on her own!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!


Carol Matthews said...

What a lovely idea! And what a quick recovery with the Merci! Please tell your little sweetie that I love her bee...

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