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Friday, January 29, 2010

Say it with Flowers

There's an expression where I come from that is "Say it with Flowers" - to let someone special know you're thinking of them. Since it's currently winter that is a little tricky to do with real flowers so I have made a paper flower bouquet to thank a special someone who has helped me out.
I found a wooden bag at a local store that I have decorated and made a matching card for (see top photo). I haven't written in the card though because the person getting this floral bouquet might want to re-use parts of it for someone else, and if so, there's a card already made to match. What I have made for my friend instead, is a teeny tiny card with a pewter friendship token in it that my friend gets to keep. I've made a cute wee box to hold her card and gift too (see photo below). The nice thing about this set is that the box containing my friend's gift fits into the larger one with the spare card.
With all these flowers, I'd say ... that it's quite a bouquet!
All supplies (excluding the wooden box) are Stampin' Up! and I have to give credit for the card idea as I saw something very similar from Leadership.


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